How to join

You cannot just apply to join by yourself: your name has to be put forward by two current members.

Your application would then go before the committee, and assuming there was no pressing reason for you to be rejected, you would be invited to join (please note that there may be a waiting list).

At present, there is a one-off joining fee of 5.00, and an annual membership fee of 25.00 (12.50 for over-65s).

Overview of club

Hawick Conservative is a licensed social club for supporters of the Conservative party, though membership of the Club does not imply or confer membership of the Conservative party itself.

It is a private club which can nevertheless invite in non-members for private functions, special entertainment etc.

The club is owned by its members, and managed by an elected committee.

Under-18s are in general not allowed in the club.


Hon Chairman

Alasdair Hutton

Hon Vice Chairman

John Lamont

Hon Vice-Presidents

W Jeff Brown
George Turnbull
Norman C Irvine


Ian Hinton

Vice Chairman

James Torrie


Robert Farries

Hon Treasurer

Andrew Dobbie


David Amos
Darren Williams
John Campbell
Cameron Luke