Other games played in the club include pool and darts.

The games room has a TV - in addition to the two in the main bar -  and there is also a card table for cards or dominoes.

These facilities are only for the use of members and their guests, and no gambling is allowed.

Snooker in the club

Most of the games that are played on our two tables are friendlies between ordinary players;  but we do have competitions as well, where the better players can test each other on individual or team play.

At present, the Club's top player is Lee McAllister, who is no stranger to century breaks, and in fact has had breaks over 140 on occasion.


The table charge is only 20p per 5 minutes, and you're allowed to complete one frame of snooker if other players are waiting, so 1.20 is usually enough for a game.

Please note that use of the snooker tables is restricted to members and their guests.


To learn more about snooker in Hawick or the Borders, contact David Amos at Hawick Con Club, or any member of the Club committee.

Border league

The Borders Snooker League runs from August to May each year, with 12 teams from all over the Borders.

The Club runs two squads of 5 or 6 players, and three players from each are picked to play on match nights.

The league has 12 teams from all over the Borders, with matches being played on Thursday nights. A Con Club team has won the league for the past 4 years - so why not come along one Thursday evening after 7:30 and see one of the teams trying to make it five in a row.

Other competitions

The Borders League also runs three competitions for individuals / pairs: the Borders Snooker singles; Borders Doubles; the Borders Billiards; and the under-25s Snooker singles.

All of these are open to any player in the Borders.